Robert Menyweather is an entrepreneur, businessman, founder and CEO of @Daily LLC. He has been in the clothing industry for 10+ years. He turned a “what if” into a reality. He is a native of Dallas, Texas and currently serving in the United States Navy.


@Daily is a unique shopping brand experience curated to present the most elevate artisanship. @Daily brings a unique fashion brand to North Texas which has captured the attention of the DFW fashion community.


Robert’s “what if” started out as a thought and gravitated to a 400-sq. ft. retail space in 2019. In 2020, it evolved into a 10,000-sq. ft. shopping experience. In this retail space, you will now find a men’s urban wear retail store, shoe store, barbershop and salon. Due to the success of his brand, @Daily will expand to a new location in 2021.


Robert’s visionary perspective has earned him opportunities to build a brand that meets a culture of inclusion and innovation. His company will continue to thrive due to his persistence and his will to serve others.